Diets are not exposed to extreme temperatures during production

By Mark D'Antonio.

Understandably, many customers are concerned about whether our production process involves any extreme temperatures or pressure. This is especially true when we are incorporating a sensitive compound. The answer is, no, diets are not exposed to...


When to Change Diet

By Matthew Ricci, Ph.D..

How often do you change the diet in your animal's cages?

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Low Doses of Arsenic on Immunity and Development: Requirement of Purified Open Source Diets in Toxicological Research

By Michael A. Pellizzon, Ph.D..

In 2008, Kozul-Horvath and Hamilton found that mice fed a grain-based chow (Purina 5001) had no changes in gene expression when exposed to arsenic while they were dramatic when fed purified diet AIN-76A (Click here for pdf). They found out that...