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EASL NAFLD Summit 2018

mark By Mark D'Antonio.

Gubra will be doing a talk about “Best animal models of NASH” and will bring novel poster data on our diet-induced and biopsy-confirmed ob/ob-NASH mouse model - now with advanced Fibrosis (F3) at baseline at the European Association for the Study...

Does Diet matter when performing animal imaging studies?

matt By Matthew Ricci, Ph.D..

If your study involves in vivo imaging using fluorescence technologies, it's very important that the 'background' or 'noise' signal be as low as possible. Unfortunately, many commonly used grain-based chow diets contain chlorophyll, which fluoresces at 680 nm and can therefore interfere with the detection of fluorophores. The result is that the GI tract of the animal will fluoresce and your signal of interest may be hard or impossible to quantify.

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