mark By Mark D'Antonio.

Here’s a link to a recent Time magazine article on the microbiome:

It references work by our customer, Krzysztof Czaja:

In this study, the researchers used 3 diets: a purified high-fat diet, a purified sucrose matched, low-fat diet and a grain-based low-fat, low sucrose diet. It’s important to note that the grain-based diet differs from the two purified diets in many ways other than the sucrose or fat content. As such, the grain-based diet should not be considered a low sucrose ‘control diet’, but rather another experimental diet. This paper also highlights the finding that low fat diets don’t necessarily produce the same phenotype, especially if one is made with purified ingredients and one is grain-based.

The differences in fiber type and content alone between purified diets and grain-based diets would be expected to cause a difference in phenotype independent of diet fat levels – see the Chassaing article from AJP.