matt By Matthew Ricci, Ph.D..

Research Diets Inc. is the largest manufacturer of purified laboratory animal diets for researchers worldwide. We are now interviewing individuals with an advanced degree (Master’s or PhD) in Nutritional or Animal Science for the position of Scientist/Project Manager. The ideal candidate will have a background in nutrition and pre-clinical animal research as well as strong communication skills (both written and oral).

Job responsibilities include:

• Formulation of custom purified diets for a wide range of specific research goals. Formulas are developed from a combination of conversations with the researcher, the scientific literature and our own expertise.
• Providing support and technical assistance for researchers about our products and general diet-induced phenotype questions.
• Reviewing scientific literature to stay current in various diet-induced phenotypes and to identify trends in animal models of human disease for new product development.
• Representing the company at scientific conferences both in our exhibition booth as well as at posters and talks.

Additional opportunities:

• Writing reviews and blog posts on the effects of diet-driven phenotypes.
• Visiting clients or potential customers with Powerpoint presentations regarding the importance of diet choice in animal research.
• Presenting scientific data at annual conferences (oral presentations or posters).
• Participating in collaborations with academic or industry researchers to design diet related studies in an effort to generate data for diet sales.

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to Matthew Ricci, Ph.D. at