mike By Michael A. Pellizzon, Ph.D..

Published March 2020, in Current Developments in Nutrition, “Choice of Laboratory Rodent Diet May Confound Data Interpretation and Reproducibility” underscores the need for standardized purified rodent diets in nutrition studies. Authors Michael A. Pellizzon and Matthew R. Ricci offer several examples that demonstrate how “diet choice can alter data interpretation, potentially affecting reproducibility and knowledge gained within any given field of study.” In particular, the authors note how “comparing mismatched (often, purified to grain-based) diets is an all-too-common phenomenon and unfortunately appears to be generally accepted by preclinical research authors and reviewers.”

To begin the important process of reviewing the AIN-93 formulations, the authors of The Journal of Nutrition March 2021 commentary have organized a session as part of NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE, scheduled to take place virtually on June 9 from 2:00 – 3:30 PM EDT. The meeting organizers are seeking to determine whether there is consensus among the ASN research community for a reevaluation of the AIN-93 formulations. If so, they seek to develop a collaborative roadmap to proceed with the reevaluation and the development of new formulations.

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