Blog: Comprehensive characterization of an off-the-shelf AMLN mouse model and considerations for experimental design in NASH pre-clinical research

By Steven Yeung, M.S..

Rodent Diet With 40 kcal% Fat (Mostly Palm Oil), 20 kcal% Fructose and 2% Cholesterol(D09100310) has been tested by the Danish contract research organization, Gubra, and is also referred to as the Gubra-Amlyin NASH (GAN) diet in the literature.

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Blog: A Translational Mouse Model for NASH

By Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Ph.D..

An interesting publication using NASH diets ...

A Translational Mouse Model for NASH with Advanced Fibrosis and Atherosclerosis Expressing Key Pathways of Human Pathology

Anita M. van den Hoek 1,*, Lars Verschuren 2, Nicole Worms 1, Anita van...