I received my Undergraduate degree in Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals from Institute for Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India and received my PhD in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Colorado State University. During my PhD, I worked with both in vitro and in vivo (mouse and pig) models to screen, evaluate toxicity, efficacy, and potency of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer phytochemicals, and determined their mechanism of action using molecular/biochemical/analytical techniques. I did my Post-doctoral training in the Department of Food Science, Penn State University working on how processing of foods alter health benefiting phytochemicals in foods and to identify novel processing methods to maintain health benefits. In the last 5 years at Research Diets, I have really enjoyed working with researchers in a wide range of domains including obesity, oncology, NASH, immunology etc. on diet formulations for their animal studies. I have enjoyed doing collaborative research, writing publications, giving talks and attending conferences, and working at RDI has given me great freedom and flexibility to continue doing so. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, racquetball and riding my motorcycle which keeps me invigorated.



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