Intended species: Rodent (Rat/Mouse)
Color: Red
Irradiated: D12331i
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Class description Ingredients Grams
Protein Casein, Lactic, 30 Mesh 228.00 g
Protein Methionine, DL 2.00 g
Carbohydrate Sucrose, Fine Granulated 184.00 g
Carbohydrate Lodex 10 170.00 g
Fat Coconut Oil, 101 333.50 g
Fat Soybean Oil, USP 25.00 g
Mineral S10001A 20.00 g
Mineral Calcium Phosphate, Dibasic 20.00 g
Mineral Sodium Bicarbonate 10.50 g
Mineral Potassium Citrate, Monohydrate 4.00 g
Vitamin Choline Bitartrate 2.00 g
Vitamin V10001C 1.00 g
Dye Dye, Red FD&C #40, Alum. Lake 35-42% 0.10 g
Total: 1000.10 g

Caloric Information Physiological Fuel Values

Protein: 17 % Kcal
Fat: 58 % Kcal
Carbohydrate: 25 % Kcal
Energy density: 5.56 Kcal/g

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