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Attention all customers in Europe

There are diet manufacturers in Europe using Research Diets product numbers and representing these products as identical to our own. We suggest that you contact us directly or only the distributors below to insure that you are getting our genuine Research Diets products. You can verify that you are receiving genuine Research Diets products by scanning the QR code on the label. Go here to verify your product.

Søbredden 27 · 2820 Gentofte · Denmark
Tlf: +45 39 65 18 80
Christina +45 28 95 79 22
Vat: DK 10328497

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Steve 0955

Steven Yeung, M.S.

Project Manager and Scientist
Sara 1045

Sara Sturgess, M.S., R.D.N.

Project Manager and Scientist
Juliet 1087

Juliet Gentile, Ph.D.

Scientist- BioDAQ/ Diet