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Purified Diets vs Grain-based Diets

Purified feed mainly refers to feed composed of highly purified and refined raw materials. One raw material provides a single nutrient. Because the nutritional composition and raw material sources are highly stable, purified feed is used to develop and establish good feeds that are highly simulated for clinical disease. For this reason, it is generally used as a model feed.

Compared to purified feed, the composition of cereal feed is derived from plant materials. In the field of experimental animal nutrition science applications, grain feeds will appear in journal literature or ordinary scientific discussions under different names, such as roughages, mixed feeds, "Chow" feeds, "Grain-based" feeds, and dietary feeds. .

In terms of feed production, the two are also very different. The raw materials used in cereal feed come from crops or by-products of crops. Due to the difference in harvest time and place, the nutrition composition between different batches has great variation. In addition, the nutrient quick ingredients listed on the cereal feed packaging bag are from a single sampling data, and most cereal feed manufacturers do not actually measure the raw materials used in each batch. Therefore, without the use of fixed nutritional ingredients, the lack of actual nutrient composition data for each batch of production makes it more difficult to quantify nutrients. The opacity of the formula makes it difficult for researchers to control the experimental variables.

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