Research Diets, Inc. is located in New Brunswick, NJ and is staffed with 8 full time Nutritional Scientists ready to provide expert consultation for your next research project. Contact us today.

Matt%20r 1051

Matthew Ricci, Ph.D.

VP/Science Director
Mike 0923

Michael A. Pellizzon, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Steve 6623

Steven Yeung, M.S.

Project Manager and Scientist
Sri 0920

Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Ph.D.

Project Manager and Scientist
Holly 0947

Jia-Yu (Holly) Ke, Ph.D.

Project Manager and Scientist
Sara 1045

Sara Sturgess, M.S., R.D.N.

Project Manager and Scientist
Dima 1010

Dima Paone, MB BCh.

Global Logistics Director and Scientist
Vijay 6572

Vijay Indukuri, Ph.D.

Project Manager and Scientist


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Ketogenic Diets

Disease Models,Product Literature


Diets and Imaging


Targeted%20nutrient%20modifications%20for%20nafld%20in%20rodents lr

Targeted Nutrient Modifications for NAFLD


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Germ Free Studies

Product Literature

Ws the%20importance%20of%20a%20proper%20control%20diet

The Importance Of A Proper Control Diet

Product Literature,Whitepapers

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Vitamin & Mineral Deficient Diets

Product Literature

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RDI Product Resources

Product Literature

Rdi fatty liver disease web2

Fatty Liver Disease

Disease Models


Choice of Diet & Data...


Rdi diabetes insulin resistance web3

Diabetes Insulin Resistance

Disease Models

Rdi cancer and diet web2

Cancer & Diet

Disease Models

Rdi atherosclerosis web2


Disease Models

Rdi phytoestrogen and chow web3

Phytoestrogen and Chow

Product Literature

Rdi obesity web3

Diet and Obesity

Disease Models

Rdi immunology web2


Disease Models

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RDI Test Compounds

Product Literature

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RDI DIO Series Diets

Product Literature

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Toxins In Diet


Rdi hypertension extended version web


Disease Models


BioDAQ Rat & Mouse

BioDAQ,Product Literature

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BioDAQ NHP & Primate OSD

Product Literature,BioDAQ

Ws arsenic in laboratory animals web

Arsenic In Laboratory Animals


Pellizzon ricci nutrition and metab 2018 control diet perspective web

Nutrition And Metabolic Syndrome


Laboratory animal diets %20a critical part of your in vivo research web

Diets A Critical Part Of Your In Vivo Research


Dosing%20animals%20via%20diet 2012

Dosing Animals Via Diet


Diet induced metabolic syndrome web

Diet & Metabolic Syndrome

Disease Models,Articles

Diet affects intestinal health lab animal 2016 web

Diet Affects Intestinal Health




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OpenSource Diets
BioDAQ Rat and Mouse
BioDAQ Non-Human Primate

Purified vs Chow

Purifed diets vs. Chow diets

Diet and Imaging

Use of OpenSource Diets and In Vivo Imaging

Purified Ingredients

What are purified ingredients?